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I’m not going to stop.

I’m not going to post for the likes and keep it neutral.

I’m not going to talk about things people don’t get triggered by.

I’m not going to post about empowerment and leadership, aka “don’t give up. You can do it,” Bla Bla Bla.

None of this matters when we, as a society, degrade with astronomical speed.

Soon, there will be no one left to empower and lead.

Stop glorifying sports methods for the highest achievements.

I stand against it.

I stand against self-abuse, emotional abuse and tricks to get around the psyche's defences.

So we don’t get what we want. So we don’t marry a prince. So we don’t become a GM. So we don’t get on the list of Fortune 500. So we don’t get the “job of our dreams”..” It destroys us.

Because the damage and the pain will be so bad that we get addicted to antidepressants, weed, drugs, alcohol and sex.

So our achievements don’t cost us our health, relationships and life.

I bet so many of you won’t like this post. You’ll probably mute my posts in the future, and you will even get upset that I contradicted the mainstream of “shoot for the stars” and “you can do anything.”

I don’t want to empower you.

I don’t want to push you for excellence.

I urge you to stop, breathe, and look around.

Maybe it’s not too late to go back to what really matters and makes you feel alive rather than test your survival modes to achieve.

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