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Valeria has spent the past decade dedicated to researching athletes and sports, which led her to a Diploma from Oxford. Her dedication to understanding processes and patterns that affect high performance and effective decision making led her to designing her own method of working with symptoms and warning signs that our bodies and our emotions are showing us as a way to communicating.


Through her research, she discovered parallels between elite sports and high-impact businesses.

She works closely with C-suit leaders, club managers and business owners to support their physiological and psychological demands in daily business life to avoid detrimental health and wellness effects when overseeing large projects and missions.


Valeria Specializes in


- Performance Anxiety

- Physiological Symptoms related to increased stress

- Lack of Motivation and Purpose

- Transitions in and after sports. 




  • Find out the cause

    45 min

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  • Ongoing 1 on 1

    1 hr

    197 Canadian dollars
  • Every Wednesday of every Month we meet to discuss questions and your u...

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