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Finally, the wait is over! Introducing the highly anticipated publication, "After the Podium. How to win after sports." - 10 years in the making. This groundbreaking research delves into the fascinating world of athletic genes, professional sports, athletic careers, and the transition out of sports.

Discover everything that hasn't been published before about the unique journey of being an athlete. Gain invaluable insights into what to expect once an athlete leaves the world of sports.

Don't miss out on this essential guide for all athletes, past, present, and future. Order your copy now!


Valeria Tsoy  is dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential.

    As an Olympian and Sports Psychologist she has the expertise and knowledge to help athletes at all levels  conquer their pursuits.


Through the "Nurture the Nature" Method, athletes will learn to tap into their natural abilities and hidden strengths, overcome obstacles, and enhance their performance both on and off the field.


Success is multidimensional and so are you.

With the right tools you can achieve anything!



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