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 About Me

    Who do you want to be when you grow up?


     Isn't it the question we all get asked when we are kids? It is the same question every athlete gets asked when they leave Professional Sports. And even if they know, whom they want to be, it often doesn't provide the same level of satisfaction as sports once did. The heart is just not there anymore. 

     I have studied Athletes and their careers for the past eight years. I interviewed more than 300 Athletes, Including World Champions, Olympic Champions, NHL Players and NFL Players.

    Which is why I founded "Athlete's Residence"

     I know what goes on in an athlete's mind who feels disoriented and wants clarity of the direction they once had in sports.

     I can relate to every emotion athletes experience after sports, from anger, hopelessness and grief to aggression, depression and emptiness.

     I walked the talk and sifted through thousands of theories, methods, tricks and techniques to only keep the ones that truly work.

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